History of the region Narova (Narva) river and the Olgin Krest district (a chapel of the Nikolaevskaya church and some others chapels)

I am not sure that someone not speaking in Russian might get interested in the material of the site. Nevertheless, a brief introduction for those who can visit a site, followed.

The site is devoted to a small region of Russia which is situated near the border between modern Estonia and Russia. It is situated on the banks of Narova river (Narva). I described a rich history of the region because during centures the Narova river served as the border between East (Russia) and West. I also gave results of my search of my ancestors in parish registers and a history of my family.

If you are interested in the region of the Narva river, I would like to recommend you to read a book "Hoiualadega jõed Virumaal. 2, Narva jõgi".

In case you have questions or find the site material as interesting, please contact me via e-mail oleg(at)narova.eu